A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are the lighthouse keeper in this story puzzle game. Place land tiles, gather resources and try to maximize your score to bring balance to the landscape and achieve your goals.

Note: this was made for luxe jam #1. It's still sorta incomplete, and it certainly fell way outside of the time limits of the jam and I had some help, so it's not strictly a qualifying entry but I had fun making it and learning luxe engine (https://createwith.luxe) and that was the point. 

Also, I had a little help with this, thanks to MachWerx for the player art, and NineBarNine for the soundtrack!

Resource Chard

Resources in the game

Better instructions on how to play will be here soon but in brief:

  • Use Arrows to move, and X for actions or to rotate tiles. Press ENTER in the edit mode to place tiles. (Better controls coming)
  • You can hold X to "fish" for land tiles from the ocean.
  • Each time you place a tile, new resources have a chance of spawning. A story crystal will spawn somewhere if there isn't one (and the story deck isn't empty)
  • You can hit ESC to exit the edit mode and the tile will be returned to the ocean. Sometimes you can't place a tile, either due to bad luck or your own planning.
  • When you visit a story crystal, you choose one of the presented outcomes. Outcomes also add or remove events from the story deck, which isn't shown on the outcome. So a blank outcome may have unforseen consequences (good or bad).
  • Story events can modify many things: resource values, spawn chances, limits on island size, etc. 
  • The lighthouse moves to the tallest spot on your island. 
  • When you can no longer place any tiles or visit the story deck, press "END" to compute your final score.


lighthouse-keeper-mac.zip 67 MB
Version 0.0.3 Feb 04, 2022
lighthouse-keeper-win.zip 65 MB
Version 0.0.3 Feb 04, 2022

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