A downloadable game for Windows

Relax and toast some marshmallows atop a waterfall. Through careful distance and precision timing, you can toast them to a golden brown perfection. Or just let them light, wave the sticks around and watch the world burn. Dual wield sticks for extra mallowness.

You can pick up the sticks with the trigger, and poke the marshmallow bag to get a new marshmallow. If you fling the stick quickly, the marshmallow will fly off.

Hold the marshmallow near the fire to roast it, bring the stick to your mouth to eat it and see how well roasted it is.

This is just a little test app to learn the basics of Unity with VR. It's pretty flakey, if the stick doesn't work, try the other controller or restart it.


MarshmallowV1.zip 27 MB


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There's a lot going on in this scene and it comes together surprisingly well for such a simple concept. Perfect mix of TLC and rapid prototyping. I love how physical the interaction is: picking up a stick, poking the bag to get a marshmallow, bringing it close to the fire gingerly just like you would at a real campfire, bringing the (in my case often flamingly singed) mallow to my face to taste the results. Best I got was, "That's pretty good." Don't know if I could have done better, but that was a welcome improvement over half-a-bag's worth of "Is that even roasted?" and "Yech!" Great ambient scene, complete in what it is. I'd love to see more game--something more to be done with those flaming marshmallow bombs, perhaps...