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Imagine modern graphics cards could only support the origional four color IBM-PC CGA palette. This game is an experiment to see what that would be  like. It was created as part of #CGAJAM, although I did not finish in time for the CGAJAM deadline.

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GenreAction, Racing
Tagscga, raylib


Racer4cc_OSX.zip 25 MB


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Hey Joel! Did you mind tagging the game in the Meatadata section as made with raylib? I think it is the first game in itch.io I'm aware of that's made with raylib!

By the way, just released raylib 2.0! :)

sure thing! tagged it.  the 2.0 release looks great, I cant wait to find an excuse to use it for something...

thanks! :D

Holy smokes! This looks sweet. Joel usually has a neat experiment hidden in his games; here it's his sci-fi/alt-future constraint on colors. Gives it a style. Takes me back to a simpler time... soundtrack is a perfect match. All I need is an Atari joystick. 

Steering is a challenge--though that's where the game of this lies. The front wheel seems to turn more than on most motor bikes; maybe that's what feels awkward at first. With a little practice I learned to tap the left and right arrows rather than mash them down on turns. Also helps to drastically ease up on the gas for those hairpin turns. Always appreciate a game that lets me drive the wrong way on a track with out forcing me to reset--arrows on the track are a nice standard touch to keep me from getting confused about which way to go if I get too jiggy with a wall.

Screen shakes effectively when you hit the sides of the track. I could have used more feedback on my acceleration and deceleration, given how essential getting this right is to mastering the game: maybe kicking up road grit, or doing a wheelie, or a shriller engine whine, and on the slow down pitching forward on to the front wheel, the grind of brakes,  skid marks. But would the skids be pink or blue?

Thanks! The bike physics are pretty slippy due in part to wanting a "kinetic hoverbike" kind of feel, and in part to my terrible physics code. I based the physics on an old gdmag article from before vectors were invented. I agree that more feedback would be great and I wanted to do a lot of those things, I just didn't have time, even pushing a few weeks out past the CGAJAM deadline. It's certainly not a super-polished game. The code is all out there, so if you want to add some features or tweak stuff, feel free, I'm happy to accept pull requests. 

Get stuck in walls way too much and what am I steering? The bike or the track. Weird controls and camera. Should be a reset key when the bike gets stuck. Cool look though.

Try not hitting the walls so much. ;)